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Gain Real Life Shooting Accuracy

Electronic Moving Target Systems

No Ricochet ● Ultra Portable ● Shoot Any Caliber, Any Distance

no ricochet

No Ricochet - Shoot Any Caliber At Any Distance

Shoot ricochet free cardboard targets. You can fire any caliber, from any distance, from any handguns or rifles. There are no restrictions - something steel targets can't do.
lightweight target systems

Ultra Portable - Weighs Only 2lbs

Quickly and easily deploy your Target Is Moving system at your range. Its ultra light and battery operated meaning you can get up and running in seconds at any range, indoors or out.
targets with speed control

You Control Target Speed and Movement

Get dynamic training to fit your needs. T.I.M. gives you control over your firearms training.
moving target systems any caliber

Shoot Any Caliber Firearm

Shooters want to use many differnet firearms and T.I.M. can handle them all. Handgun, rifle and shotgun slugs are no problem with T.I.M.

target is moving gun target package

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